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“Everything you can imagine is real” 


I have looked at fashion from many angles.

I have been a creative director, fashion designer, illustrator, and print designer, with a thorough understanding of technical aspects.

All these different perspectives allow me to understand and execute every step of creating a collection,

providing a total concept and guiding the whole process from start to finish.


I challenge myself and those around me to think deeper, go the extra mile, and create something that goes beyond.

My work is known for my focus on long-lasting designs in the mid-to-upper segment,

resulting in durable strategies that naturally incorporate the client’s mindset,

creating a recognizable identity and a vision that will last.


I am always looking for ways to meet new challenges, to learn, to exchange ideas and to explore. 

If you think we're on the same page, I'd love for you to get in touch.


See you on the other side!


Envisioning and building concepts from the ground up

Composing collections from start to finish

Maintaining commercial aspects and brand values

Sourcing the most suitable materials through textile knowledge 

Designing garments, accessories, and trimmings

Illustrating figurative design sketches

Creating prints and patterns for textiles

Drawing detailed, technical illustration

Compiling tech packs and factory instructions

Guiding fittings, creating a constant and perfect fit




Artez academy of art and design

Bachelor fashion design


Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Five month internship

Focusing on print design


2016 Gelderland valoriseert innovation fund

3D printing and textiles

​Building a 3D printer qualified to print on textiles by experimenting, building 

    prototypes and collaborating with experts in the field

2015 Gelderland valoriseert innovation fund

​Gelderland valoriseert innovation fund

Mechanisation of tattooing on leather

​Building a machine qualified to tattoo digitally on leather

by mastering the art of tattooing, experimenting on leather and collaborating with experts

Bridging the gap

Strategy and finance fund


Goois Lyceum

Atheneum, A-level equivalent

Extra subjects art history, 

philosophy, geometrics B, 

history, school band


Sarah van Ours


instagram: sarahvanours

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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