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“Everything you can imagine is real” 


Throughout my career, I have approached fashion from various perspectives.


As a creative director, fashion designer, illustrator, and print designer, I comprehensively understand the creative and technical aspects involved. 

This diverse background enables me to comprehend and execute every stage of creating a collection,

offering a complete concept and overseeing the entire process from beginning to end.


I constantly push myself and those around me to delve deeper, surpass expectations, and create something extraordinary.

My work is renowned for its emphasis on enduring designs within the mid-to-upper market segment.

This approach yields resilient strategies that align with the client's mindset, resulting in a distinct identity and a lasting vision.

I am always eager to embrace new challenges, learn from others, exchange ideas, and explore fresh possibilities.

I would be thrilled to connect with you if you believe our goals align.


Envisioning and building concepts from the ground up

Composing collections from start to finish

Maintaining commercial aspects and brand values

Sourcing the most suitable materials through textile knowledge 

Designing garments, accessories, and trimmings

Illustrating figurative design sketches

Creating prints and patterns for textiles

Drawing detailed, technical illustration

Compiling tech packs and factory instructions

Guiding fittings, creating a constant and perfect fit




Artez academy of art and design

Bachelor fashion design


Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Five month internship

Focusing on print design


2016 Gelderland valoriseert innovation fund

Through a meticulous process of experimentation, prototyping, and collaboration with esteemed specialists,

I have dedicated myself to developing a cutting-edge 3D printer that seamlessly prints onto textiles.

This endeavor has enabled me to push the boundaries of technology and craftsmanship,

merging the realms of three-dimensional printing and textile innovation.

2015 Gelderland valoriseert innovation fund

Acknowledging the immense potential for innovation,

I successfully secured funding from the prestigious Gelderland Valoriseert Innovation Fund in 2015.

This invaluable support has empowered me to propel forward with my vision,

fostering advancements in the mechanization of tattooing on leather.

Bridging the gap

Strategy and finance fund


Goois Lyceum

Atheneum, A-level equivalent

Extra subjects art history, 

philosophy, geometrics B, 

history, school band


Sarah van Ours


instagram: sarahvanours

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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