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Pre-graduation collection


In the old days, when women wore dresses too big to fit through a door and man still had curly wigs on their heads, the clothing of men used to be as extravagant as the clothing of women. Nowadays, men are often expected to wear a standard grey or black suit when they dress up. However, the world of menswear is changing and I would like to contribute to that change, bringing back some of that old spark. Why shouldn't men be able to wear something more distinctive? My designs are cheerful and young with a classic twist. For my toile de luxe I took elements of the classic (oversized) dad's suit and combined them with elements of the clothes of little boys in the early fifties. The prints in my designs are based on toys. On the shorts, jacket and shirt I printed rubber ducks, embroidered with sequins as a reference to the childhood memories. I want to make designs that are fun. Fun to wear and fun to show. Dressing up men doesn't have to be boring.


The process of designing the​ Toile de Luxe collection
all fabrics are screen-printed and embroided by hand