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Graduation collection


Terra Nemo revolves around a little boy from the fifties, influenced by the idea of freedom and rebellion experienced in the nineties. The oversized, bold silhouettes of this collection are inspired by the nineties grunge movement and are an opposite of elements inspired by the fifties, such as the knee-high socks and and very short boys' pants. The leopard and zebra prints are inspired by Cobain, the King of grunge himself and are all screen printed consisting of multiple layers in various compositions interacting with one another. The abstract prints are applied to the fabric by playing around with paint in the same manner as art revolutionary Jackson pollock.

Below you will find the runway collection, the collection book, technical illustrations and a selection of fabrics.


The process of designing the​ Terra Nemo collection
Fabric experiments, screen-prints and paint-techniques of the Terra Nemo collection